[Quick Hint] How to get vRealize Orchestrator Scripting.log

If you want to debug a failing action on custom form. There is no other way to do that, but to get access to vRO Scripting.log file. But how can we do that if vRO is now hosted in container running in a pod?

Start by logging in to you vRA instance with SSH. Once there list all pods in prelude namespace.

kubectl -n prelude get pods
vRA prelude namespace pods
vRA prelude namespace pods

You are looking for a pod name starting with vco-app-xxx. This pod is hosting 3 containers. if you are interested exactly how it is build run:

kubectl describe pod/vco-app-c6588f4c5-wnf2z -n prelude

You will find three containers inside this pod: vco-polyglot-runner, vco-server-app, vco-controlcenter-app, We are interested in vco-server-app.

vRO Container

Now the trick is to access the container process witch interactive bash session. Run following commend and change your pod name (container name at the end will stay this same)

kubectl -n prelude exec -ti vco-app-c6588f4c5-wnf2z -c vco-server-app bash

Now you will se that your prompt has changed. You are in vco-server container and you can run

tail -f /usr/lib/vco/app-server/logs/scripting.log

And the logs will start flowing. To exit just hit CTRL+C and then type exit on the prompt and you will be back in your vRA SSH session.