vRO Date manipulation library

This is basic date manipulation library for vRO. DateJs is an JavaScript Date library for parsing and processing dates. It allows for many operations and calculations like: comparing dates, add time spans to a given date, or get N-th day of the week in a given month etc.

If you need to calculate a date for a first Wednesday in October in two year it will help you a bit I hope.

Below you will find an examples of how to initiate the library in vRO and what you can do with it:

Library usage examples:

var DateCalc = System.getModule("com.github.datejs").DateService();
var dateCalc = new DateCalc(); //now

//Add Operations 
dateCalc = new DateCalc(); //now
dateCalc.add({days:1}); //tomorrow
dateCalc.add({days: -1}); //yesterday
dateCalc.add({months:1}); //next month
dateCalc.add({days:1,months:1}); // in 1 month and a day
dateCalc.add({weeks:2}); // in 2 weeks
dateCalc.add({ years: -1 }); //year before
dateCalc.addSeconds(120); // add 120 sec
dateCalc.addMinutes(2); // add 2 minutes
dateCalc.addDays(2); // add 2 days
dateCalc.addWeeks(1); // add 1 week
dateCalc.addMonths(2); //add 2 months
dateCalc.addYears(2); //add 2 years

//Set Operations 
var dateCalc = new DateCalc(); 

dateCalc.add({days:1}).set({hour:12}).set({minute:00}); //tomorrow 12:00

//Compare Operations
dateCalc.compare(now, yesterday);
dateCalc.equals(yesterday, tomorrow);
dateCalc.between(yesterday, now, tomorrow));

For full list of available operations check “Date Lib Test” workflow in the package.