vRealize Automation 8 State Machine

vRA 8.x have entirely new deployment workflow model compared to vRA 7.x. The following post is intended to provide an overview and reference to those new states, which correspond to subscribe event topics in vRA 7.x EBS.

Each of thous states allow to run your own own automation task. Therefore the knowledge of what those states are when and in what order they are triggered is important.

The payload on each state (topic) received by the subscribers can change. The actual schema of the events is part of the topic description and can be seen for each topic in Cloud Assembly → Extensibility → Event Topics.

Topic definition

The architecture of vRA 8.x defines various publishers responsible for the variety of processes happening in the system. The following publishers are available:

  • Blueprint – responsible for blueprint operations such as blueprint create, update, delete, publish, un-publish, etc.
  • Provisioning Service – responsible for resource reservations, allocations, placement, de-provisioning, and day 2 operations.
  • Deployment – responsible for deployment CRUD operations.
  • Relocation Service – responsible for deployment onboarding.
  • Event Broker – responsible for system events.
  • Kubernetes Service – responsible for Kubernetes management and operations.
  • Project Service – responsible for project CRUD operations.

Compute Provisioning Workflow

vRA8 Provisioning Workflow

Compute Deprovisioning Workflow

vRA8 deprovisioning workflow

Resource Day 2 Action – Example