Adding PowerShell Server to vRO 8 with Kerberos Authentication

If like me, you still have to use SCCM for windows deployment automation, then you will be forced to add PowerShell Server endpoint to your vRealize Orchestrator. This is the only way I know of interacting with SCCM and SCOM 🙁 Additionally windows colleagues wont make it easy for us and force us to use kerberos authentication :).

Here is how you configure it.

To add PowerShell Server to vRealize Orchestrator 8, a new Kerberos config file must be created at: “/data/vco/usr/lib/vco/app-server/conf/krb5.conf”

Example krb5.conf
Replace LAB.LOCAL with your Corp.Domain:

default_realm = LAB.LOCAL
udp_preference_limit = 1
admin_server = LAB.LOCAL (or dc hostname)
default_domain = LAB.LOCAL

Once this is done you can run Add a PowerShell host workflow form vRO library:

Wait for the workflow to finish

And now you can use your newly created PowerShell host endpoint to run some PS scripts on it.